The PREAH Secrets

$16.95 / Perfectbound

ISBN: 9781457541698
288 pages

$28.95 / Perfectbound

ISBN: 9781457544439
288 pages

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The PREAH Secrets- An inspirational tangled scandal Inspired by Real Events. Wealthy men try to pull off a heist in a conspiracy to fulfill their lust for greed and power. Madison, the wife of millionaire veterinarian Dr. Carston Spencer, discovers through a private investigator that her husband is plotting to steal their life savings and vanish forever. Along the way, Carston considers murdering his best friend’s mistress in a vengeful plot to get rid of her since she’s a witness to their disturbing plan. Madison is considering an affair with a hot young cowboy who works for her while a trial over who killed a staff member’s father during a rumored incestuous affair is happening. Madison decides to take a gamble in a vigilant effort to seek justice. This thrilling suspense takes readers on a wild ride of secrets, sex, drugs, and murder with one twist after another until the dramatic conclusion.


About K.B. Beaumaaks

K.B. Beaumaaks grew up in the Midwest. Born in 1965 in a typical close knit Catholic family, she decided to fly the coop of her small town and go experience the big world by being the first in her family to go out of state to college. She graduated, moved to Europe and spent most of her young adult life traveling the world as a military spouse before eventually settling down with her current husband Allan, a Royal Danish Air Force F-16 pilot, in Florida. She has a rescue pug named Mushey and an English Bulldog named Maggie Moo.



We spend a few hours just talking and planning on some things I need to get done over the next few months in preparation for the divorce. We just lay on the hood of his truck listening to nature and softly talking. Jake has taken me into his arms and I lay my head on his broad shoulder. I feel so at peace and so safe in his arms. It is such a weird feeling. Our age difference means nothing and at this moment I forget I am his boss. We are just two friends having a wonderful and relaxing evening. We have finished a few bottles of wine and a almost a 12 pack of beer before we realize several hours have passed.


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